Delon D.I. - Non-Union

Delon D.I.

Emily K - Non-Union

Emily K

Jaelynne M - Non-Union

Jaelynne M

Khalil K - Non-Union

Khalil K

Max F.H. - Non-Union

Max F.H.

Mya S - Non-Union

Mya S

Myles M - Non-Union

Myles M

Nathaniel B - Non-Union

Nathaniel B

Rhone B - Non-Union

Rhone B

Sebastian B - Non-Union

Sebastian B

Sonam N - Non-Union

Sonam N

Taylor Glenn M - Non-Union

Taylor Glenn M

Vincent Cole - Non-Union

Vincent Cole

Zarion M - Non-Union

Zarion M


  • Infants & Toddlers
  • Non-Union
  • Talent

Riverlight Talent Represents Infants and Toddlers (from newborns until they become 3 years of age) for work in Television Commercials, as well as for Television Series and Film work.
At the age of three, they will be transferred to the Youth Talent Division.

In addition, children in the Riverlight Kids Division will be submitted for commercial print work as well.